Different Types of Hair Styles

The Basics
Long TRASH TIES can be worn as a headbands and ponytail holders, or in place of bobby pins and clips to create an infinite variety of hairstyles. Some styles will work for everyone and some are well-suited to specific hair-lengths. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning.

The Headband

Different Types of Hair Styles  3
Wrap a TRASH TIE around your head and secure with a gentle twist. The twist can be worn on top or your head or concealed at the back. Or wear several ties at once, as in the photo above. These make the best headbands, as the tie conforms to your head shape and size without binding.

The Ponytail

Different Types of Hair Styles  2

To make a ponytail, gently fold your TRASH TIE in half, then wrap tightly.

Different Types of Hair Styles  8

If your hair is thick, try wrapping the full length of your TRASH TIE without folding it first. Then twist the two tie ends together to “lock” it in place.
I can’t say how great this is for curly hair as well. You can put in a ponytail without frizzing out your curls (the way an elastic band does). A TRASH TIES ponytail is elegant and sophisticated.

The Bun

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Create a bun!

Hook the end of a TRASH TIE around your ponytail. Then wrap the tie down the length of your hair. If your hair is thick, your wraps will be spaced further apart. If your hair is fine, the wraps will be closer together. You’ll want the tie to wrap most of the way down your hair. Leave about 4″ of the tie unwrapped. This bit of tie will be used to secure the bun in place later on.

Different Types of Hair Styles  5

Now, fashion your hair into a bun. Wrap your hair into a bun in the same direction that the tie was wrapped. This will form a tidy, pretty bun.
Stitch the last bit of tie through the hair next to your head, as in the photo above, then fold the tie back on itself to “hook” the bun in place. Tuck the tie end under your hair to conceal. This will hold even the heaviest hair — no bobby pins needed!
If your hair is layered, you can create a more edgy look as in the photo at the right.

The Braid

Different Types of Hair Styles  9

For a modern braid, wrap a TRASH TIE around a portion of your hair. Gather more hair and then wrap again. Repeat until braid is complete.

Different Types of Hair Styles  4

And Beyond!

Different Types of Hair Styles  7

• With proper care, your TRASH TIES will see you through many good times!

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