Bipasha Basu is an actress who knows how to glam it up or tone it down depending on the demands of her role.

Bipasha Basu Hairstyle  14

This time the star is ready to sport a new hairstyle for Rohit Shetty’s All The Best.  after going for short chic hairstyles, she’s back to her pre-Jism days – long hair!

Bipasha Basu Hairstyle  11

Bipasha, who reveals that she prefers to control how her hairstyles look, has also highlighted her hair in rich brown hues.

Bipasha Basu Hairstyle  10

But she has done it in such a way that it doesn’t clash with the black hair she shows off in her shampoo ads.

Bipasha Basu Hairstyle  18



  1. rabia sheraz says:

    yeah she is carrying her self very gud …..

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